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How to Help Fight Adult Hormonal Acne with Diet

For those individuals who suffer  from  adult acne the normal transport of sebum out of the follicle is impeded which leads to an accumulation of sebum providing a breeding ground for bacteria® Regular cleansing only is not capable of removing the bacteria entrapped at the base of the hair follicle® The rapid growth of the bacteria in combination with the accumulated sebum cause the follicle to enlarge and can result first in a mild form of Acne called comedones otherwise known as whiteheads or blackheads®

Adult Hormonal Acne and Stress

Acne and can scars affect nearly 50% of adult women and over 25% of adult men® Acne can appear at just about any age (overall 75% of all people suffer from acne breakouts at some point of their lives) and afflicts all ethnic backgrounds making it one of the most widespread medical conditions in the world®®® As acne usually makes its first appearance when we reach puberty the incidents of adult acne is steady increasing and the reason behind both- adolescent and adult acne is mostly the same: hormones® 

Perimenopausal Acne? How to Treat Acne Due to Menopause


I understand that when entering menopause, I may have to deal with these unwanted hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and even bone loss, but acne??  You have got to be kidding!

Why acne now?

Unfortunately it's not a joke, the changes in estrogen and progesterone levels are responsible for many of the symptoms associated with menopause, and are also often culprits in causing women to experience acne break outs during this changing phase®


Cystic Acne: How to Break the Cycle of the Toughest Form of Acne

Acne pimples start to develop in pores that become clogged with excess sebum (skin oil) made by the sebaceous glands®  As the pores become clogged with the excess skin oil they also trap dead skins cells that normally rise to the surface of the skin to be sloughed off®   

Сomment y remédier de façon saine


Plus d'une femme enceinte sur deux peut s'attendre à développer de l'acné. Pour certaines, l'acné peut être grave.

L'acné est une manifestation externe d'un déséquilibre interne qui entraîne une surproduction de sébum (huile de la peau) par les glandes sébacées. Cet excès de sébum, associé aux cellules mortes de la peau, crée une condition idéale pour la croissance bactérienne susceptible de favoriser l'inflammation. Le premier stade de l'acné commence habituellement par une peau grasse. La prochaine étape est l'apparition de comédons (têtes blanches et têtes noires). Si le pore devient enflammé en raison de l'afflux de globules blancs, des pustules et des papules apparaissent. Si la réponse inflammatoire se propage aux tissus adjacents, cela représente une acné kystique.


Go-to Guide on How to Read Your Supplement Labels

Adhering to GMP regulations is not optional, it is the law® While it is a positive message when labels indicate that products are being manufactured in a GMP compliant facility, all supplements are required to be manufactured in such a facility®


Important Tips for Mom's of Pre-Teens with Acne


While we normally associate acne with teenagers, a surprising number of pre-teens suffer from the condition as well® As this younger age group experiences more and more breakouts, pre-teen acne is gaining more attention from pediatricians and dermatologists® For example, a recently published study noted 78% of girls between nine and ten years of age have had acne breakouts (study published by The Cincinnati College of Medicine)®

Additionally, in May 2013 the American Acne and Rosacea Society (AARS) published guidelines for the "Diagnosis and Treatment of Pediatric Acne" which was subsequently endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)®

It is therefore very important to carefully address how to deal with your child's acne even before they become teenagers® 


Fall Skincare Checklist: What You Can do to Prevent Acne

Fall is a wonderful time for lots of reasons-the leaves change to beautiful hues of red and orange, the cool weather allows us to bundle up with fun sweaters and scarves, and mugs of hot cocoa are never in short supply® Unfortunately, in addition to all this fun, breakouts have a way of sneaking up on us® But not to fear! There are actions you can take to ensure this doesn't happen to you® The following checklist was designed especially to keep your skin glowing and acne free during the chilly fall months®

3 Skincare Products That Can Make Your Acne Worse

Many of the skincare products available today aren't doing acne sufferers any favors® While they may provide marginal benefits to your skin, these pale in comparison to the damage they actually can do® Unfortunately, some of the most commonly used products for skincare are the worst offenders® Here's a look at three things you shouldn't be using on your skin®

Your Guide on How to Exercise Without Aggravating Your Acne

There's no doubt that exercise is essential for good health - from weight loss to preventing cardiovascular disease, it's one of the best things we can do for our bodies® However, working out may not have such a great impact on acne prone skin®

Sweat has a tendency to attract dirt and debris that can clog pores and set the stage for an acne breakout, and obviously you'll be doing a lot of sweating as you exercise® However, if you're smart you can continue to reap the benefits of physical activity without doing damage to your skin® Here are some tips to remember before and during your workout, as well as simple post-workout routine that will nourish and replenish your skin after all that hard work®

acne treatment for mild, moderate, or severe acne conditions

Traitement Acné Modérée

Légère, modérée, or sévère


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