Dark Skin Acne Treatment

Dark Skin Acne Treatment

The more pigmentation in the skin, the more unique problems the skin may have. If you are of Afro-Caribbean or Asian origin, your acne problems may be very different from Caucasian skin.

Dark Skin Acne Treatment

Dark skin is usually prone to cystic acne. AcnEase® is an especially powerful dark skin care product that has a high efficacy toward cystic acne for both women and men, as well as for hormonal acne.

Contributing to the cystic acne is dry skin. In fact, many people with dark complexions suffer from dry skin syndrome. The over-the-counter acne treatment for black skin can have a significant drying effect. Instead of drying the skin, AcnEase® acne treatment balances the skin and does not only treat the acne symptoms but also improves overall skin condition.

Dark skin may also suffer from discoloration as a result of some treatments, such as those containing retinoid or salicylic acid. AcnEase® does not discolour the skin, nor does it have any adverse effects when used over a long period of time.

AcnEase® is a safe, all-natural acne treatment and can safely be used with other herbal products. In addition to improving the acne condition AcnEase® has been reported by our clients to balance overly dry skin and to improve the condition and health of very dry hair.

Use our natural mask recipe to moisturize the skin.

An oatmeal-based face mask is one that has been used for years as it tones and moisturizes the skin. Below is a variation of the basic oatmeal mask that has lavender in it for an aromatherapy effect.


Mix all ingredients really well and leave for 10-15 minutes in refrigerator. Apply on the face and neck and if possible the "collet" and leave for 15 minutes. Rinse with tepid water. Repeat once a week.