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3 Revitalizing Winter Masks For Acne-Prone Skin

Winter is a great time to pamper your skin so you glow at those holiday parties and start the new year with plenty of confidence and cheers®

As a small appreciation gift to you from us, here are 3 wonderful masks that will help you do just that!

But remember, although these masks will help improve your skin this winter, the very first thing that must be done to break the cycle of acne, marks and scars is to PREVENT acne from forming® AcnEase® prevents pimples from forming and reduces the number of pimples that progress to inflammatory pustules, and in doing so it helps prevent skin damage® By reducing the new damage to skin, your body can work on repairing the skin and reducing scarring®


3 Important Tips to Keep Your Acne Skin Healthy in Winter

You worked hard all summer to keep your skin looking fresh, healthy and acne free?don't let winter ruin your progress with dry, flaky skin that may actually exasperate acne! Use the following three tips to keep your acne-prone skin healthy throughout the cold months:

1® Cleanse with the proper cleanser

Perhaps you found a cleanser over the summer that worked great for you and your acne® Maybe you plan to keep using it, even as colder weather moves in® Before you do, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your skin cleanser contain soap or other over-drying ingredients such as salicylic acid or alcohol?
  • Does it ever leave your face feeling tight, as if your skin has been stretched out?
  • Do you notice any dry patches on your face, even small ones that are barely noticeable?

Skin Care for men


Men's Skin Care and Acne Treatment

As Skin Care Products for Men win the market, Personal Acne Care is Still the Number One Concern®

There was a time when men's personal care products were limited to shaving gear, cologne and deodorant® But judging by the boom in the men's skin care market the days of men stealing their woman's moisturizer are quickly disappearing®

A World of Skin Care Products for Men

Between treating acne and moisturising skin products, 2003 worldwide sales for all types of men's products, including all natural skin care and natural skin treatment for men such as AcnEase® achieved $5 billion in sales®

European men have long been targets of companies marketing skin care products for men, with Western Europe being the second largest men's skin care market at $104 million, behind Asia Pacific®

acne treatment for mild, moderate, or severe acne conditions

Traitement Acné Modérée

Légère, modérée, or sévère


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